It’s 24 Hour Readathon Time!

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Reading starts at 8am EST,. I never make it the full 24 hours, but it’s fun to see how much reading I can do, paper, ebook or audiobook.

10am and it’s two hours in. This is the perfect sort of day for fun adventure novels. I read Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels when I was younger (I loved the movie version of Raise the Titanic, but the less said about Sahara the better). Now I’ve developed a taste for the spinoff NUMA Files series. I’m reading Ghost Sip, the 12th in the series, and I’ve read 170 pages already. 3 more hours and I should be finished. I usually drop into short novels for these readathons, but this is a quick reading book. Later, I have a nonfiction book to finish, and those always take longer.

11am and my middle-aged eyes are asking for a break. So, after another 90 pages of ghost ship, Im flipping over to The Witches by Stacy Schiff. I’m already 5 hours into this one, so today is a good day to aim for the halfway mark.

2pm, and I have listened to 3:40 of The Witches. Stacy Schiff does a great job of telling the story with a slightly sarcastic tone. Now it’s time to go in hunt of food.

4:30pm… I went, I ate (and read another 20 pages of Gavriel D Rosenfeld’s The Fourth Reich (which I’m kind of hoping to finish this weekend). And then, on the way home, I ended up being pulled into a discussion about condo matters ahead of an upcoming information meeting. It’s going to be… interesting. Now that I’m inside, back to The Fourth Reich. (Note: in the 2.5 hours, there was one hour of reading. Like I said, non-fiction is slower reading.

6pm, and it has been ten hours. I read another 30 pages of The Fourth Reich, with 35 left to finish it. I plan to push through that before going back to Ghost Ship to finish it before I start to crash.

8pm and I have finally finished The Fourth Reich. Now it’s time to finish Ghost Ship, which will take 2 hours or so. At this point I am over 400 pages today, including the equivalent in the audiobook.

11pm and I think it’s time to crash out for the night. I finished Ghost Ship, read a little fan fiction, and started into In An Absent Dream, by Seanan Mcguire. I’m setting the alarm early enough to read at least one more hour in the morning before the 24 hours is up.

8am on Sunday, and it’s over. I listened to another hour of The Witches, and read a chapter of In An Absent Dream.


Ghost Ship by Clive Cussler – 396 pages read, book finished

The Fourth Reich by Gavriel D Rosenfeld – 82 pages read, book finished

The Witches by Stacy Schiff- 4:45 hours listened to, equivalent of over 100 pages

In An Absent Dream by Seanan Mcguire – 36 pages read

Total, over 600 pages. I read more as a kid, but middle-aged eyes aren’t up to that anymore.

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