Don’t fall down *this* rabbit hole

40164340I’ve been reading Simon R Green’s books for about three decades now (seriously, I started with Blue Moon Rising, back in 1989). Trying to keep up with his output is almost impossible.

Lately, I’ve been sucked into two of his current series: the Ghost Finders series (which I think of a contemporary fantasy version of the TV show Scorpion) and the Ishmael Jones series (which leans more in the Cthulhu direction, with a touch of the British TV show The Avengers).

The most recent book in the Ishmael Jones series is Murder in the Dark, the sixth in the series. In this one, Ishmael and his partner Penny have been dispatched to an isolated country location where a mysterious hole to… someplace has been found. One of the scientists studying the hole has died under mysterious circumstances, and they are supposed to figure out who did it and why. Oh, and maybe whether the hole is a danger beyond the general location it already is in.

But once they get there, they end up stranded with no way out, and people are dying one by one. In order to figure out who the killer is, they first have to figure out the origin of the hole, and where it is a passage to. Oh, and how might it tie in to Ishmael’s distant past, which even he cannot remember

For a book that covers less than 24 hours, the tension builds nicely, and it starts to look like no one is going to survive. And as I am sucked along, I can’t wait to see what happens next for our investigators.

While you don’t have to read the entire series before tackling this book, I do recommend that you read the first book in the series, if only to get the origin of this partnership.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for letting me read this

Giant sharks! Yay!

40758773I’ve said in the past that I love a good disaster story, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I also love a good monster story. For example, the first Sharknado was a ton of fun, even if the follow-ups tried way too hard.

Michael Cole’s Thresher is also a shark story, but a much more fun (and almost believable) story. First off, go Google ‘thresher shark’ and check out just how freaky this shark is. Then picture one that ended up ingesting an experimental compound that increases its size and aggressive nature. Pretty scary.

Now, go to a small beach town where the grand sea festival is coming up. Take a big city hero cop who is trying to drink himself to death after a personal tragedy and his chief of police friend trying to save him from himself, mix in a rookie cop who has her own personal tragedies, a politician trying to make her reputation, a scientist trying to warn everyone, and top with a family of shark hunters brought in to stop the thresher shark before it can ruin the festival.

Yep, I’m sure everyone has a pretty good idea where this is going. I can see this as a movie on SyFy, no problem. It was a fun romp of a read, and I look forward to checking out some of his other sea monster books.