The Readathon Begins…

7:58 am – I have my tea, my Danish, a comfy seat, knitting, and a pile of books. I am starting with Plight of the Living dead in hour one.

9am – I started from page 108, and now on 152. 44 pages read, with 56 left to go. I highly recommend this book. The author passes on interesting information with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

10am – I’m now at page 192. 40 more pages down, 26 left to go. Then on to finishing A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising.

11am – Plight of the Living Dead is finished, and starting from page 138 of A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising, I read 10 pages for 36 pages this hour. 3 hours Dow, 120 words read. Oh, and one broken plate. Oops.

12pm – 50 pages of Vampire Uprising read, with 120 to go. I will definitely finish this one today, which is good, since it’s almost due back to the library.

1pm – another 32 pages read, along with a bit of literary candy (aka fanfic). The cough leftover from my cold last week is coming on, though, and my eyes are tired, so I’m going to dose myself and go to bed with and audiobook for a while. After that it will be time to take my Kobo out to a restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner.

3pm – 2 hours, which includes 1:46 of the audiobook An Unwanted Guest, and a tiny nap. Definitely time to go find food.

5pm – Orp. I am stuffed. I read some more fluff while eating, and then dived into Ike’s Mystery Man (a biography) for 11 pages. Nonfiction tends to read slower for me.

6pm – 17 more pages in Ike’s Mystery Man. Eisenhower has just been elected.

7pm – Another 12 pages in Ike, then back to the Vampire Uprising for 28 pages (paper works better when taking a hot bath. I do want to finish this one off, since I have 60 pages left.

8pm – 32 pages of Vampire Uprising. 28 pages left. After that, more Ike, followed by finishing An Unexpected Guest.

9pm – Vampire Uprising is finished, and I listened to 38 minutes of An Unexpected Guest. There’s just over 2 hours left, less at 1.8 speed. I plan to finish that before bed.

10pm – Another 1:46 listened to in An Unexpected Guest. Only 29 minutes left.

11pm – An Unexpected Guest is finished, and I listened to just over an hour of Hallowe’en Party by Agatha Christie. It’s one of the last Hercule Poirot novels, published in 1969. I thought the theme was appropriate for the season.

However, I am reaching the end of my ability to concentrate, so I’m going to bed, with the alarm going off early enough to do so last reading in the morning. Still, if you convert audiobook time to pages, I have passed 500 pages of reading today. Not bad for a Readathon. Plus three books that were in progress are now complete.

8am – well, I overslept the alarm, but did listen to a bit more of Hallowe’en Party before the end gun went off (metaphorically, of course). Another hour of the book listened to.

So, Plight of the Living Dead finished – 110 pages

A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising finished – 180 pages

Ike’s Mystery Man continued – 40 pages

An Unexpected Guest audiobook finished – 4:35

Hallowe’en Party audiobook started – 1:54

October 2018 Read-A-Thon is coming

Sigh. I have been bad about writing reviews lately. I have a number that are waiting for me to go back through and post, but I’ve been so tired in the evenings that I don’t want to turn the computer on when I get home from work. I do plan on posting soon for that.

In the meantime, tomorrow is the October 2018 Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon. For Ottawa, that is starting at 8am tomorrow. I have a number of books in progress that I plan to finish in the morning before I start anything new.

So, what am I reading?

Library book: A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising, by Raymond A Villareal. It’s been billed as the vampire equivalent of World War Z, but it isn’t quite. I currently have about 170 pages left to go.

Paper book: Plight of the Living Dead by Matt Simon. This is actually a pop-science book, written with a lot of humour, about all the parasites, fungi, insects and the like that turn their victims/hosts into functional zombies. Remember the story about the fungus that makes an ant climb up to unleash spores on it’s fellow ants? Not very rare, it turns out. I’ve got 110 pages left in this one.

Audio book: An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena. This could be described as a new version of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. A small group are staying at an out of the way luxury country inn when they are trapped by an ice storm. The power is out, the land lines are out, there is no cell phone coverage, and people start dying. The narrator for the audio book is really engaging.  I have 4:35 left.

NetGalley ebook: Ike’s Mystery Man: The Cold War, the Lavender Scare, and the Untold Story of Eisenhower’s National Security Advisor, Robert Cutler by Peter Shinkle. This is a really interesting biography of Robert Cutler, and I am enjoying it so far. I’ve only just started this one, so I am only page 45 of 351. I don’t know that I will finish this one this weekend, but I am planning on getting through a chunk of it.

Waiting in the wings:

Thresher: A Deep Sea Thriller, by Michael Cole. It’s coming up on Halloween, so horror in the tradition of Jaws. I do enjoy Severed Press.

Mapping the Interior by  Stephen Graham Jones. Again, horror themed by a Native American author. Also a novella.

Hallowe’en Party (audiobook) by Agatha Christie. Did you know that there was a Halloween-themed Hercule Poirot mystery? Perfect for the time of year.

So, it should be a fun weekend. I’ve got my knitting, for while listening to audiobooks, I’ll be picking up snacks/pre-made food on the way home, and tomorrow is supposed to be a grey and drizzly day, so perfect for curling up with a small pile of book.