24 in 48 Day 2

Oh Lord. The weather changed overnight, and I now have a massive sinus headache. As a result, I slept late. I doubt I will get to 24 hours, but it’s my first try.

9am – I read some morning fan fiction, and I am now listening to The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn, at 5:28 done. I’ve got less than 2 hours left to listen to. 11:53:47

10am – the audiobook is finished. I’ll start a new one, at least until the headache eased. Time elapsed 12:41:52

1pm – Ah, the rain. Reading on a rainy day is nice, and we’ve been in drought conditions for so long that the rain is welcome. In the last few hours, I went out for a breakfast, listened to an hour of the book Darkest Hour (about Winston Churchill, and basis of the movie of the same title. I also read the novella The Barrow Will Send What It May by Margaret Killjoy, sequel to a novella that I read during the spring Dewey 24 hour Readathon. Total time so far: 14:41:338

2pm – Back to the poetry book, War Songs. I read 87 pages, with 77 left to go. Definitely, I’ll finish it today (which makes 3 NetGalley books finished out of my backlog). Total time: 15:19:309

Time to take a nap to sleep off the sinus meds. I won’t be making it to 24 ho urs, but hey, I’ll get a good chunk of the way there.

6pm – the nap helped a lot, and the headache is now a dull ache, possibly due to the weather breaking. I’m now up to 2:45 in Darkest Hour. I might be further if I didn’t relisten to interesting segments. My total right now is 16:42:40. At this pace, I’ll probably reach 20 hours before bed.

7pm – Time to finish off some books, since the iPod needed to be recharged. I finished Stories for Nighttime by Ben Loory. These are some eerie little fables that leave the reader slightly creeped out, without descending into pure horror. Now I’m back to War Songs. Total time read: 17:21:57

9pm – I have finished War Songs (yay!), and started One Way, an SF novel that will take me into the week. Total reading time to date: 18:52:49

9:45pm – I’m calling it done. I finished off the last of the book I was reading last week, and 6 entire nooks (one of them an audiobook), and have two ongoing. Total reading time: 19:30:41

Books read/listened to

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse (37 pages to finish)

Death Chase by Lizella Prescott

Mack Bolan The Executioner 449: Combat Machines by Travis Morgan

The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky (audio)

Stories for Nighttime and Some For The Day by Ben Loory

War Songs by ‘Antarah ibn Shaddad

The Barrow Will Send What It May by Margaret Killjoy (novella)


One Way by S.J. Morden (23 pages in)

Darkest Hour by Anthony McCarten (3:08 in)


19:30:41 time elapsed

1,041 pages read

10:30 hours of audiobooks listened to

24 in 48 Readathon

For information on the Readathon go to 24in48.com

I’m a glutton for punishment. Still I’ve got a list of books, including audio, to keep me going. The audio books are for when the eyes are tired.

7am – the Readathon started at midnight, but I’m not a night owl. I didn’t want to be staring at screen (or paper) when I woke up, so I started listening to The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn, by the Strugatsky brothers. I listened to just over an hour and a quarter. Total reading time: 52:44

8am – I finished off the last 40 pages of Trail of Lightning, by Rebecca Roanhorse (fantastic book, and I want book 2 now!), then a bit of fan fiction to round out the hour. Total reading time; 1:41:08

9am – On to a NetGalley read. I’m on page 68 of 189 of Death Chase, by Lizella Prescott, and I’m really enjoying it. Three friends, trying to repair their relationship (and their personal lives) are running an intense 50 km cross country race in the wilderness, but bizarre events make Mira (who just got out of rehab) thinking that they might be being stalked. Oh, and I’ve indulged in some peanut butter cookies. Total reading time: 2:24:57

10am – I am on page 132 of Death Chase (another 64 pages down, 57 to go). It’s still a great read, although at this point I’m ot sure why Mira’s friends are bothering, considering how badly she fucked up their lives. I’m guessing we’ll finds put in the last third of the book. Total reading time: 3:13:04

10:45 – I took a bath, while reading Stories for Nighttime and Some For The Day by Ben Loory. Bizarre little fables, but enjoyable. However, air pressure is causing a headache, so I’m going take some Advil Sinus meds, and crawl into bed for a while to listen to The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn for an hour or so. I’m also deciding where to go for a late lunch or early dinner. Get out of the house and read somewhere else for a while. Total reading time: 3:39:15

1:15pm – The headache took more out of me than I thought. I listened to about an hour of the audiobook, then crashed for an hour and a half. Now I will finish Death Chase before going to find food that I don’t have to cook myself in this heat. Total reading time: 4:47:36

2:10pm – I finished Death Chase, and wow, I did not see that coming. I mean, I was starting to see the twist, but how far it twisted was a surprise. Total reading time: 5:29:18

3pm – I’ve started into another NetGalley book. This time it’s translated poetry; War Songs by ‘Antarah Ibn Shaddad. I’m still in the introduction or history lesson, but it makes me want to read up on the history of the region. I’m on page 51 of 317. Time to go get some lunch/dinner. Total reading time: 6:04:35 (or a quarter of the way to the goal)

5pm – Ahhh, I am full of enchiladas and an apple sizzler. Lone Star is not high cuisine, but it fills the hole. I listened to The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn on the drive (I’m at 3:03) and I indulged in some fluff while I ate, namely Mac Bolan The Executioner 449: Combat Machines. I’m 55% of the way through. Total reading time is now 7:35:11

6pm – I’m now into the poetry in War Songs. Some of the more modern turns of phrase catches me off guard, and the attitudes of the poet are worth an eyeroll or two. Still, I’m up th pg 153 of 317. Total reading time: 8:15:58

7pm – I went light this hour. Another 24 pages in the Executioner, and some fan fiction. Total reading time: 8:52:59

8pm – I finished reading the Executioner 449, and then pulled out my knitting, along with the audiobook. I’m up to 3:47 in The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn with 3:34 left to go. Total reading time: 9:50:14

9pm – okay, my brain is shutting down. I listened to anothe 1:16 of The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn. The reading time is now 10:41:39

9:35pm – yep. Limit reached. I read another 45 pages of Stories for Nighttime. The fables are even stranger on a tired brain.

Totals for Day One – 667 pages + 5:03 hours of audiobook. 3 books (including one near the end) completed. The three books I am currently on are at the halfway mark or later, and will definitely be finished tomorrow.

Scanning Mummies… That’s new


To be honest, I requested Egyptian Enigma from NetGalley on a whim. I like mysteries and I like Ancient Egypt, so this sounded interesting, and the cover was cool. I guess I was thinking I’d be getting something like the Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters (who is much missed).

I did not get what I was expecting, although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead of a historical setting, like Amelia Peabody, it’s actually set in the now, with all the technology that goes with a contemporary setting. I also didn’t realize that this was the third book in a series, but while it clearly builds on previous books in the evolving relationships between characters, it does a good job of establishing the people in the story and their backgrounds.

The book starts off with Elizabeth Pimms and her net friend (but not lover, despite my expectations when he was introduced) Henry vacationing in Egypt. Elizabeth is an archaeologist and librarian whose career got side-tracked by her father’s death (presumably in book one), pulling her back to Australia to help support her family. They’re having a great trip, other than an incident with a thief breaking into Elizabeth’s hotel room to steal… a journal?

From that opening, Elizabeth returns home to Australia where she works in a library, is revising academic papers based on her first two mysteries, and is running her first tutoring session at the university. She’s dealing with getting her archaeology career back on track, and dealing with a crazy family that includes a Welsh grandfather, a French grandmere, and a Chinese grandmother, as well as a recently discovered illegitimate half-sister who is still adjusting to the family.

Having been fascinated by an exhibit on The Golden Tomb in Egypt, she gets together with friends (Rhoz, Nathan, Llew, and Henry via Skype) to see if they can’t figure out whose tomb it is. The surprising method used involves 3D printing of the scans of skeletons for all of the mummies found in the tomb, and using physical commonalities to try to pin the relationship between the mummies, and to other known mummies, looking for familial traits, as well as to figure out who was the right size to be in the sarcophagus.

Between scientific investigations and family drama, there is also historical chapters, actually detailing who the people in the tomb are, and how they ended up there.

My only big objection to the book was that it ended on a cliffhanger that was so abrupt that I thought maybe my copy was missing a couple of chapters, but a quick check found other people commenting on the cliffhanger as well.

Still, it was good enough that I have bought the first two books in the series, and I definitely plan to buy the fourth book when it comes out to find out why a body was found in the library with the journal that was stolen in Egypt. A solid, and fun, read.