What I’m reading (the summer doldrums)

It’s summer time, and my reading has slowed down a fair bit. And this week I was on vacation, which leads to even less reading. I know this goes against the usual wisdom, but that’s the way it is in my world. Well, with one exception. When my brain is looking for fluff, I read fanfiction.

Still, I am reading.

I am currently *nearly* finished The Massacre of Mankind. At over 500 pages, it has taken me a while, but I’ve been really enjoying it. Certainly, in the last 150 pages, it has really cranked into high gear as the Martians move on the rest of the world, not just England.

I didn’t finish Lincoln in the Bardo before it went back to the library, but I’ve reserved the audiobook again to find out how the last 15% of the story ends. I’m still not sure I enjoyed it, but I want to know what happens in the end. Instead, I am now listening to an audiobook version of The War of the Worlds as a companion to The Massacre of Mankind. I’m two thirds of the way through, and it’s interesting seeing some of the characters from the Baxter sequel turning up.

I’m about halfway through Walking on Lava from the Dark Mountain Project, via NetGalley. It’s interesting, but I do find elements of it annoyingly intent on ‘technology bad, back to the land good’. The old ways were just as damaging to the world as modern ways, plus the fact that the population would have to drop drastically to make it work hasn’t been addressed.

I did finish the Stony Man book, so my new paper book for the bathtub is Run by Blake Crouch. He is the author of the trilogy that became the TV series Wayward Pines. Crouch started out as a self-published author before being picked up as part of Amazon’s publishing wing, focusing on mostly sort of SF horror thrillers.

But I have to get cracking, because I have a huge lineup of NetGalley books to tackle. I certainly can’t request any more until I get through them. Besides the two I am currently reading, I’ve got Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust (coming out in September), Tomorrow’s Kin by Nancy Kress (coming out next week), The Emerald Circus collection by Jane Yolen (coming out in November), Giant Creatures in our World (a non-fiction book about Kaiju coming out in November) and Pardox Bound by an old favorite Peter Clines (coming out in September).

I also have a few blog posts/reviews to actually write. I should have one out tomorrow, with any luck.


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