What I’m reading this Weekend

This is going to be a quiet weekend for once. In the last three weeks, I cheered for my younger niece to do well at Destination Imagination Global finals, then went to my older niece’s dance recital, and then last weekend the younger niece got her black belt (juvenile version). Being a spinster aunt can be busy!

My audiobook for walks and knitting: Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, with a full cast. This is a weird one, in that the production is well done, the idea is interesting, but for some reason it isn’t entirely working for me. I’m about 1/3 through.

My paper book for the bath: Stony Man 104: Extinction Crisis by Douglas P Wojtowicz. The Stony Man/Executioner universe is my go-to for a bath book when I don’t have anything else. This one involves an enemy using robots to sabotage nuclear plants in Isreal, Egypt, France and the US for as yet unknown reasons.

Current ebook: The Massacre of Mankind by Stephen Baxter. This is a sequel to War of the Worlds, including some of the characters from the original. After an alternate version of WWI that came after the first Martian War (Germany ended up taking over because no one was interested in fighting them, really), the Martians come again, and they’ve learned from the last time. I got this one from NetGalley, since it won’t be out until late August. I’m about 1/3 through, and enjoying it greatly.

On the horizon: I’ve got two more books from NetGalley: Walking on Lava from the Dark Mountain Project (releasing in July), and Girls Made of Snow and Glass by Melissa Bashardoust (releasing in September).


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