What am I reading this weekend?

After good weather for several days this week (oh blessed sunshine), we are heading back to rain this weekend (boo, hiss). Seriously, there were a couple of days this week where people who live on the other side of the Ottawa river were told not to come to work (I work at a government office) because of the number of roads closed due to flooding in Gatineau. Seriously, the last thing we need is more rain.

So, with more rain coming, I’ve got my reading lined up.

My eread right now: The Executioner 447: Missile Intercept. Yep, this is a ‘men’s adventure’ novel published by Harlequin Books. The series started up in the late sixties, and has been going since then, although after Harlequin bought the rights, it went to being written by other people (to see who wrote a book, check the copyright page. The line near the top where they thank someone for their contributions, that’s the author). Basically, these are the book equivalent of an action movie (and there have been efforts by various parties, including Vin Deisel, and the most recent is Warner Bros, with Bradley Cooper planned to play the lead), and on a rainy day, that’s right up my alley.

My paper/bathtub read right now: The Librarians and the Lost Lamp by Greg Cox. As mentioned before, I thoroughly enjoyed The Librarians and the Mother Goose Chase, which I got through NetGalley. As a result, I got the first book from the library, and I am enjoying it greatly so far. This time it’s a chase for Aladdin’s Lamp, going up against the Forty Thieves.

My audiobook listen right now: I just got to the top of the list at my library for Kameron Hurley’s The Geek Feminist Revolution. Essays are great for audiobooks, since they are more digestible bites. As a result, I returned the audiobook I had been listening to unfinished (It was an omnibus audiobook of the first two Hamish Macbeth mysteries by MC Beaton. I’d listened to the first book, but I’d put off the second one, since I found the character unlikeable in unlikeable ways. This was push I needed to write it off). This will be great for listening while knitting.


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