Readathon tallies

Well, the Readathon is over is over for this spring, and it was my first go at it.

My tallies are:

Behind the Mask, a short story collection on a theme of superheroes. 108 pages to complete the read in progress

The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory, a poetry collection. 49 pages to complete the read in progress.

Taking the Titanic, one of the Bookshots books from James Patterson and Scott Slaven. I listened to just over an hour of the audiobook, with less than an hour to go.

Toru: The Wayfarer Returns by Stephanie R Sorenson. It’s a steampunk novel set in 1850s Japan, before the rest of the world forced Japan out of it’s Shogun imposed isolationism. I started this one after finishing off the two books I was already reading, and I hit page 176.

As well, I have a pulp novel that I read in the bathtub (a favorite relaxer), and I read about 30 page of it.

So, just over 360 pages, and 1/3 of a short audiobook. Not bad, considering I did get a good night’s sleep in the second half of the 24 hours.


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