What am I reading now

As usual, I am working on multiple books

  1. Library book: Echoes in Death by JD Robb. I’ve been reading this series for more than a decade. I usually can’t hang onto a series that long. I eventually get tired of a series, with the same characters over and over again. And while this series has had a few stinkers, I keep grabbing the latest volume from the library when it is released. Halfway through.
  2. NetGalley: Behind the Mask, an anthology of superhero stories from Meerkat Books. I went for this mainly based on Seanan McGuire (and her story was fantastic), but I’m enjoying the majority of the stories so far. One third done.
  3. NetGalley: The Cloud Versus Grand Unification Theory, a book of poems by Chris Banks coming out this fall. This part of my plan to expand my readings. Poetry is something I haven’t read much of since it was inflicted on me in high school. This one looked interesting, and as I read, while it isn’t what I traditionally think of as poetry, it is creating definite feelings as I go on. About one quarter done.
  4. Library Audiobook: Death of a Gossip/Death of a Cad by MC Beaton.  This is another long-running mystery series, but one I’ve never tried before. And since the library had a downloadable audiobook of the first two volumes, I thought I’d give it go. Just started.

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