What am I reading now?

I usually have more than one book on the go at a time. My current reads are

The Colony by AJ Colucci – a horror thriller about genetically engineered ants rampaging through New York city. I first heard about this more than four years ago on Scott Sigler’s podcast, and finally got around to picking it up from the library.

The Black: Arrival by Paul E Cooley – horror with tentacles! I’ve been listening to the podcast The Dead Robots’ Society for years. Paul Cooley is one of the hosts, and I finally started reading some of the hosts’ books. This is the second book in the series that started with an exploratory oil drilling that uncovered something that looked like oil, but definitely wasn’t. In this book, the sample they sent to Houston before things went haywire arrives for testing. Needless to say, things go wrong. This is my current audiobook ‘read’.

Immortal Progeny by Philippa Ballantine – a self-published novel by an author I’ve been following for a while. She’s written Steampunk on her own and with her husband, real-world historical fantasy, heroic fantasy, and erotica. This falls into the category of heroic fantasy, and is the first of a possible series. It’s coming out later this year; I got a copy through NetGalley.

Beyond that, I’ve got a couple of other books from NetGalley, a library book, and a pile of the five books for this year’s Canada Reads. This year’s contenders for Canada Reads includes one non-fiction, one literary magic realism, one crime, one literary sf, and one science fiction. I doubt I’ll get through them all before the end of March when the Canada Reads contest happens, but I do want to read all of them this year.


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