About me

My name is Lianne, and I am an avid reader. When asked what I read, I usually say ‘words on a page’, since I will read just about anything. Fiction, non-fiction, literary, genre, graphic novels. Really, the only things I’m not crazy about (although I will read examples once in a blue moon) are romance, westerns, and hard-boiled detective novels.

My addiction to reading started young. My mother had a story of when I was young and had started learning to read, she was reading Charlotte’s Web to me at bedtime. During the day, she would sometimes see me sitting on the stairs with the book on my lab, turning the pages. She thought I was pretending to read the story until the day she saw me sitting there with the book, crying. ‘Charlotte’s babies all flew away’ I said when she asked. That’s when she realized I was actually reading, not just pretending.

Near that time, we moved to the Netherlands (my father was in the Canadian military), and we had little television options in the mid-seventies and few kids in the neighbourhood who spoke English, so I read. In three years, I went from reading simple children’s books, up through the levels, until for the flight back to Canada, I had Jules Verne’s The Mysterious Island and two Barbara Cartland romances (the only ones I ever read). And the love of reading never let me.

So, I am going to be posting reviews of books I’m reading and occasionally books I’ve read in the past, as well as chatting about any book-related thoughts.

For an idea of my reading habits, feel free to check out my reviews on Goodreads


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